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Why Customer Service Content Is in the Spotlight

If your customer service team is overwhelmed, content can help. Here’s what CS leaders need to know.

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Under ever-increasing pressure to deliver a winning customer experience (CX), companies are putting larger workloads and more demanding key performance indicators (KPIs) on their customer service teams. As a result, agents are working harder than ever before and, short of adding more staff, it’s often difficult for managers to find new ways to serve customers. Increasingly, innovative brands are turning to customer service content to help alleviate some of the stress and speed up customers’ ability to get the information they need. Here are some strategies you can use to improve your CX through customer service content.

Create an FAQ

FAQs have been standard for some time, but brands are revisiting this content to make sure it’s easy to navigate, mobile-optimized, and has the information customers want. Customers often need simple, quick details—such as a return policy or who to contact about a warranty. By providing easy-to-access, comprehensive information through an FAQ, companies are getting customers what they need faster—and decreasing the number of routine calls their CS teams receive.

Leverage Chatbots

Chatbots are content experiences paired with natural language programming to simulate the experience of talking to a person. These experiences are based on pre-developed scripts, and the content plays an important role in scaling personalized service. By investing in chatbots, you can use content to provide a better and more engaging customer experience, while reducing the burden on your call centers.

Develop How-To Videos

If your business receives a lot of questions on how to use your products, how-to videos can help. Increasingly, consumers are turning to YouTube to watch videos that show them how to solve a problem or make the most of a product. In response, brands are investing in video-based how-to content, as well as providing answers to the most common questions they receive. Quick reference guides can help your brand build authority with customers, be viewed as easy to work with, and provide another avenue to give busy customers the support they need in the format they want.

Centralize Documentation

Sometimes customers just need access to product documentation such as product specifications or warranty details. Increasingly, brands are investing in centralized and searchable document repositories that make it easy to find digital copies of physical information that might have been lost by the customer. By centralizing documents, you eliminate customer frustration and make it easier to quickly find crucial product information.

If your CS team is busy and you need to find more ways to expand the impact of your brand’s focus on customers, content could be the answer. Explore how you can close customer experience gaps in a streamlined and efficient way with strategic content marketing.