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Introducing Convenience into Your Customer Service Plan

How convenient is your customer service? Not very? Here’s how to improve customer convenience.

Source: Monster Ztudio / shutterstock

Customer convenience is increasingly playing a critical role in the customer experience. When customers can quickly and easily get access to the information they need, find customer service solutions that resolve their problems, or access the products and services they are looking for, they are more likely to do business with your brand. Is convenience a core value of your customer service plan? If not, here are some ways to increase the convenience aspect of your customer experience.

On-channel customer support. Today’s customers are accustomed to reaching out for help on a variety of channels. Depending on their preferences, they want the choice to call, send an e-mail, chat live with a representative, or even touch base on social media. Look at your customer demographics and whether you need to expand the customer service channels that are currently available.

Self-service options. Another way to focus on self-service is by developing a plan that lets customers solve their most basic problems on their own. For example, one retailer recently implemented a system where customers can log in to their account, select items that they want to return, and print out the mailing label and accompanying forms directly from their computer. This helps reduce the number of calls the customer service team must take, while making it easier for customers to complete transactions on their own time and schedule.

Automate notifications. Many aspects of your customer experience are consistent and can be addressed through strategic automation. For example, do customers frequently contact you to get the status of a shipment or to find the tracking number for their package? Introducing an automation solution that sends an e-mail, text, or other update at each key juncture can help minimize customer service outreach and keep your customers happy with their experience.

Enable technology. Technology can add a layer of convenience to any customer experience. For example, can customers log into your website, see their bill, and pay through a payment option of their choice? Or, if you offer services, can a work order be placed online? Increasingly, today’s audiences want the option to access information and initiate conversations through digital means. Create systems that work with computers, smartphones, and tablets.

There are many different elements of a great customer experience, but convenience is one of the most important. Evaluating your policies, expanding the options to contact you, and enabling both technology and self-service can go a long way toward delighting customers.