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How to Promote Transparency in Your Customer Call Center

Your customers and employees should have a clear understanding of what’s going on. Here’s how to make that happen.

Source: bernardbodo / iStock / Getty

“Transparency” is so much more than a buzzword. In today’s world, word travels fast, and if your company does something shady, the entire world will hear about it in a matter of days. The key to true authenticity in business is to keep things as transparent as possible.

There are two groups of people your business needs to have consistent transparency with through your call center: your employees and your customers.

When it comes to your employees, it’s important to make sure they know that candid feedback is always welcome. How many opportunities do your call center employees have to communicate feedback to higher-ups? Call centers have a notoriously high turnover rate due to the stressful nature of the job. In order to keep more employees around and eliminate the time and resources spent training new staff, make sure that there are open avenues of communication between employees and managers.

Furthermore, take the time to accurately explain your goals to your employees. If they’re going to be participating in company initiatives, like solving more problems on the first call or lowering the number of refunds, keep them in the loop regarding how those goals were formed and how progress is going.

When it comes to your customers, many transparency issues can appear in call centers due to data. Recording phone calls in order to train future employees? It’s imperative that customers are aware of that—in some states, it’s even the law.

It’s also incredibly important to let customers know what’s being done with their data. Obviously, Facebook, Amazon, and other companies have recently been in the news for being less than transparent about what data they’re capturing and storing. Customers understand that businesses need to record demographics and take notes on calls—most of them won’t have any problem with it. But make sure you’re being transparent about what data you’re recording.

Lastly, transparency with pricing is always important but especially in a call center. Conversations can happen quickly, but it’s important for customers to know of any fees or charges they’ll be responsible for. Lay all of your pricing information out as clearly as possible.

There are many reasons to focus on transparency. Whether it’s through following the law, improving your brand’s reputation, bettering your customer experience, increasing customer loyalty to achieve higher sales, or just doing the right thing—or better yet, all of the above—you’ll see results by keeping your call center as transparent as possible.