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Developing a CEO-Level B2B Customer Support Plan

When you’re in the B2B world, your customers are often in the C-suite. Here’s how to make them love your brand.

Offering customer service to demanding audiences can be challenging. In B2B, this is especially true when you’re faced with serving customers from the C-suite. Whether you’re dealing with the CMO, CIO, or CEO, it’s critical that your customer service team and plan be up to par. Here’s a closer look at how to develop a C-level strategy that wins with top-tier customers every time.

Have a dedicated success manager: High-level customers don’t want to reach out to a call center. They want a dedicated customer success manager that understands their account, knows the products and services at a high level, and can speak to their unique needs. Dedicated customer service resources can use account-based management techniques to prevent problems, provide targeted service, and up-sell and cross-sell products when appropriate.

Invest in training: Investing in training is the most important area that you can focus beyond dedicated staff to manage specific accounts. High-level customer service reps aren’t just resolving problems; they’re acting as a consultant to troubleshoot issues, help maximize the value that customers get out of your relationship, and provide excellent service at every touch point. Provide training on customer service techniques and your company’s products and services.

Focus on availability: C-level customers are busy—even busier than your average buyer. It’s critical to provide them with ease and convenience in every communication. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Offer multiple channels of support. Customers should be able to choose e-mail, phone calls, video chat, or text, depending on their preferences.
  • Provide scheduled turnaround times. Let customers know exactly when they can expect a reply, and deliver on those guidelines.
  • Allow customers to schedule appointments. With limited availability in their schedules, a C-level customer may need to work a support call into an already packed schedule. Planning ahead can help.

Close the loop: Don’t ever let an interaction with a top customer wrap up without closing the loop. Ensure that they’re satisfied, and find out what else you can do to deliver on their expectations. Options for closing the loop include asking satisfaction equations at the end of the call, sending a survey, or leveraging other feedback mechanisms. Watch the metrics on an account to make sure that satisfaction levels stay steady or increase over time.

When your B2B customers include C-level representatives, a customer service strategy can help you meet their expectations. From well-trained, dedicated success agents to a “close loop” plan, following a few simple steps will ensure that you delight and retain even the most demanding customers.