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5 Personality Traits for Outstanding Customer Service Agents

When you’re looking to hire new customer service agents, what should you be on the lookout for?

Source: Paul Bradbury / OJO Images / Getty

You know your customer service agents need to be top-notch. But what personality traits are the most important for successful customer service? Here are some things to consider when hiring new applicants.

  • Patience. Sometimes customer issues can be pretty frustrating. If you’re on the phone with a customer, chances are there’s been a bump in the road in terms of your relationship. Either the product you sold them isn’t working, they’ve found the service lacking, or there’s a different reason they felt the need to call. Having someone who loses his or her temper or gets uncomfortable when confronted with an angry person isn’t a good idea. Also, customer service issues can take a while—a good agent won’t rush to get them off the phone but instead will sincerely care about each individual customer.
  • Customers are sometimes like dogs: they can smell fear. A customer service agent should be confident enough to guide customers through situations and handle the vast majority of problems without kicking the can down the road. By projecting confidence through their tone of voice and body language, clients will trust your customer service agents to handle their problems in an efficient, effective manner.
  • What does every single customer want? To be heard and understood. No matter the issue, having their feelings repeated back to them will go a long way to impress upon the customer that you value the input. An empathetic customer service agent will help customers feel valued, which can turn disastrous situations around. Look for applicants with a history of working closely alongside others.
  • It’s imperative that customer service agents are able to tell the truth, no matter the cost. Nothing will hurt your company more than a lie or fib coming to the surface. When under pressure, it’s easy to fudge the truth, but a customer will find out, and he or she will never buy from you again. They also might tell others. Customer service agents should be 100% honest with customers, 100% of the time.
  • A willingness to learn. Customer service agents need to be willing to constantly learn more about the company. As your business creates new products and service, your agents need to be extremely well-educated on each of them. They also need to be able to learn about your customer base by digging through surveys or other customer feedback. Customer service agents must be able to pick up new information quickly.