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4 Questions to Ask During Customer Service Agent Annual Reviews

Annual reviews are part of managing your team for growth, impact, and maximum performance. The self-evaluation process allows your team to provide insights into what they’ve learned, how they’ve grown, and what they see as their most important contributions.

Asking the right questions can help you gather a whole different perspective. Here are four questions to ask on self-evaluations for better insights.

  1. What’s the toughest customer service call you took this year, and what did you learn?

These questions provide some perspective on how an agent defines a difficult call and how they learn and incorporate new information. For example, one call center manager I spoke with mentioned that a sales rep shared a call where a customer’s spouse had died, and they were calling to change the contact. Navigating that call gracefully helped reinforce for the rep how kindness and the right attitude makes a difference in customers’ lives each and every day.

  1. What’s the best call you had and why?

Provide an opportunity for your customer service reps to shine. When did they go above and beyond to help a customer? How did they embody the brand values or help salvage an imperiled customer relationship? Use this as an opportunity to better understand where individual reps feel their strengths lie and what kinds of calls might be happening within your call center that are extraordinary.

  1. What new skill did you develop this year?

Each year provides the opportunity to develop new skills. Perhaps a cross-training initiative allowed a customer service rep to provide support on a new channel, such as e-mail or live support. Other examples might include learning new technology, mastering a specific approach to customer service, or even developing a fluid command of a company’s products or services catalog. Focus on what areas your customer service representatives developed this year and how they feel it added to their ability to deliver excellent customer service.

  1. What single goal would you like to accomplish in the next year?

How do your customer service reps plan to grow in the year ahead? For example, do they feel the need to diversify their ability to work on other channels? Are they interested in developing management skills? Learn what areas they’d like to see their career develop in. This can help put their past performance into context and allow you to develop personalized growth and coaching plans to take things to the next level.

Career growth within customer service fields gets a bad rap. However, managers who prioritize growth opportunities will retain the best talent and continue to lead their industries in winning customer service. Use a self-evaluation to identify where your teams are performing well, how they’d like to grow, and ways you can help them continue to improve in the year ahead.