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Delivering Satisfaction with Online-Only Support Options

For many digital businesses, their website is the front line of contact for any customer queries. As a result, these companies may focus on offering digital-only customer service options: e-mail, chat, and video support. For businesses operating with online-only support options, it’s important to be focused on the right factors to ensure customers are satisfied […]

How to Cool Down Angry Customers

No matter how great your customer service may be, chances are you’ll eventually encounter an angry customer. But how can you talk angry customers off the ledge without losing their business?

Print Is Back and Here’s How to Make Your Campaign So 2017

Are you thinking about adding more print into your media mix? Yesterday we discussed why many Millennials are more welcoming of print. However, remember print has retained a certain trust factor. Don’t blow print’s new appeal with hype and ruthless salesmanship. Here are a few tips: