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6 Ways to Train Your Marketing Project Team

Training employees can be a hot topic for managers who need to get team members up and running—or keep them on track. Here are some tools and techniques that can help.

4 Ways to Deal with Swearing Customers

The job of a customer service rep is already stressful, and an angry or distressed customer can throw things into high gear. A study revealed the extent of swearing at customer service reps. It’s a big problem, and for contact center managers, it’s important to have a plan in place for training your reps to […]

Should You Hire Remote Agents?

A trend that’s taking customer service centers by storm is hiring remote agents. Traditionally, a call center has been a physical office location where managers can work closely with agents to resolve customer problems. Today, better technology is making remote agents a viable and affordable possibility. Here’s a closer look at the trend and how […]

Should Your Call Center Implement Video-Based Support?

As customers increasingly demand online support options, companies are looking at e-mail and text-based chat to provide maximum flexibility to customers. Yet, a desire on the part of many customers for a more human touch has led brands to evaluate whether or not video chat is a viable model for their customer support. Using software, […]

Are Your Managers Trained for an Escalation Scenario?

There are two key functions of managers in the call center: One is keeping operations running smoothly day to day, and the other is addressing issues that arise that can’t be resolved by interactions with a standard customer service agent. It’s important that executives ask: Are your managers sufficiently trained for an escalation scenario? Here […]