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What Is a Customer Data Platform (CDP), and How Can It Improve Customer Service Performance?

We’ve all been there: waiting for a support rep and providing the details of our account, including answering security questions like the name of our mother-in-law’s cousin’s plumber’s cat. After going through detailed troubleshooting steps we’ve already tried, the rep needs to transfer our call to another department only to go through the same steps, […]

Made in My Image’ Is Wrong Way to Assemble a Winning Team

If you’re going to hire someone, why not hire someone made in your image? Let’s face it—you’ve been successful. You’ve climbed the management ranks. You must be doing something right. So, who better to add to your team than someone just like you? Someone who acts like you. Someone who thinks like you. Someone who […]

You Have My Full Attention: Ensuring Your Customers Feel Heard

A CEO I work with mentioned that during a recent customer service call, the representative—who was helping process a business purchase worth several thousand dollars—seemed distracted. Midway through, he heard laughter in the background and could hear the rep trying not to join in. Frustrated, he ended the call. The sales manager later called him […]