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4 Ways to Choose an Influencer Marketing Platform

As brands begin to scale their influencer marketing programs, it’s usually important to look for a platform or agency to help with the process. Influencer marketing programs,  such as working with Instagram content creators or creating sponsored blog posts with writers, take a lot of work. Having access to the right technology can streamline execution, […]

Does Purpose-Driven Marketing Have a Place in Your Marketing Mix?

Purpose-Driven Marketing: It’s a term that’s heating up this year, along with phrases like mission-driven marketing. These buzzwords refer to a rising trend that combines social good with corporate motivation. Companies are finding ways to serve real needs in the market, while also addressing challenges or making meaningful contributions to the world.

Twitch and Other Platforms: Time for a Live Learning Agenda?

While the Twitch platform started out as a digital space for video gamers to share footage of themselves playing various games, today it has evolved into a rich community that brands can leverage for themselves. Twitch and other platforms that are quickly emerging allow brands to share video footage, from hands-on tutorials to full-fledged courses […]

Crowdfunding: Is It Right for Your Business?

Raising capital for a business used to be one of the most difficult aspects of starting or maintaining a business. Crowdfunding gained momentum in 2012 with a series of high profile campaigns such as Pebble, which raised over $10 million. The possibilities inspired more and more businesses to turn to popular sites like Kickstarter and […]

Tech Trends: Location App-Based Advertising

A new technology stream is changing the way local companies connect with their audiences. The proliferation of app programs dedicated to helping individuals navigate through local areas—such as Waze and Google Maps—are creating a new advertising channel to leverage. As these programs increasingly incorporate advertising into their design, local businesses can appear when prospective customers […]

Should Your Company Use Brand Ambassadors?

In today’s age of influencer marketing, brands are increasingly looking for ways to cultivate organic relationships with customers that translate into positive word-of-mouth advertising. Some brands are turning to the use of brand ambassadors—paid customers who act as spokespersons on behalf of the brand. Typically, these relationships go beyond a sponsored post on a blog […]