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4 KPIs That Still Matter—and 3 That Don’t

Key performance indicators (KPIs) can be an immense source of stress for customer care or marketing teams. After all, they’re numbers and tracking and data—things many creative people tend to run from. They can also drag teams down into the mud. Instead of focusing on serving customers well, employees become overly focused on hitting metrics […]

4 Analytics Dashboards to Measure Marketing Activities

Marketing lies at the intersection of art and science. Even the most powerful marketing campaigns have little value if you can’t measure their impact. Data are the driving scientific force of marketing, and as digital marketing becomes increasingly robust, so do the data that measure and drive it.

4 Tips to Get Your Sales Reps Performing at a Higher Level

In yesterday’s Advisor, we discussed the importance of onboarding new sales talent for success. Once you’ve got new hire on board, how can sales managers use data to help sales reps perform at a higher level? Here’s a closer look at how to create effective sales feedback loops with data.