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What is the Psychology of Social Media?

Marketers know better than anyone the value of social media. But why does social media work so well? Digital Information World sought to answer that question, and decided to create an infographic with what they learned. Check it out below.

The Top 5 Call-to-Action Designs for Your Company

Designing a customer journey is a challenging task that every business must go through in order to establish a customer base. There are three main factors that build a customer journey: design, copy, and call to action (CTA).

5 Questions to Create Compelling B2B Visuals

Visual content is on the rise—and in the B2B field, infographics remain an important way to make original research, complex ideas, and sophisticated solutions easy to grasp in a single piece of collateral. However, designing an effective infographic is an art. In the world of B2B, it’s important to ask the right questions to ensure […]

Storytelling Has Never Been More Important in B2B

During the recent Content Marketing World Summit, one key theme emerged: Today’s business-to-business buyers are more sophisticated than ever before and, as a result, marketers are increasingly relying on B2B storytelling to help close deals. Here’s a closer look at five ways B2B marketers can incorporate storytelling into their marketing and media mix.