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Why You Should Hire Hospitality Workers for Customer Support

2020 has been a year of massive change for every business. Some industries and segments are surging, while some are almost at a standstill. Some organizations desperately need new employees, and some have been forced to release talent into a labor market that’s suddenly flooded with qualified candidates anxious for stable income.

Becoming a Thought Leader Means Breaking Old Habits

Yesterday we discussed the road to becoming a thought leader in your field. It is not an easy path and requires significant focus. But in addition to the things you must do (write articles, speak at conferences, etc.), there are also habits you must break. Here are eight tips:

Using Quality Online Content to Help Your Reputation

Yesterday, we discussed some quick tips for enhancing your online reputation. Most of these tips focused on what not to do. Today, let’s turn to the things you should be doing, namely enhancing your professional reputation with interesting content.