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How to Create a Last-Minute Deal that Works

Last-minute deals can be an effective way to move inventory while encouraging customers on the fence to make a purchase. Here are some tips to create last-minute deals that are effective.

5 Ways to Quiz Your Sales Team Members Before They Meet Clients

The ways in which you interact with your sales team have a huge influence on the business overall since these interactions have the potential to either enhance or degrade the performance levels overall. These interactions reveal a great deal about the effectiveness, productivity, as well as motivation levels of a sales team. Aside from one-on-one […]

4 Ways to Deal with Swearing Customers

The job of a customer service rep is already stressful, and an angry or distressed customer can throw things into high gear. A study revealed the extent of swearing at customer service reps. It’s a big problem, and for contact center managers, it’s important to have a plan in place for training your reps to […]

4 Tips for Contact Center Agents Handling Difficult Calls

Angry customer service calls aren’t good for your brand, but they’re not good for your employees either. Providing the right support for contact center agents can help ensure your customers are having a positive experience, even when they are frustrated or having issues with your brand. Here are four tips to make it easier for […]