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Driving Revenue with Your Sales Budget

For any company, the budgeting process must begin with the sales budget. The sales budget should be established first because its information is critical to formulating all other budgets within the company, including marketing, purchasing, and production.

Is It Time to Embrace Retention Marketing?

  In a recent study of senior marketers, developing a customer acquisition strategy ranked on par with maintaining customer satisfaction in terms of top strategic priorities. Yet, studies have repeatedly shown than an existing customer is more valuable to your business than a future one. Bain and Co. suggests that raising retention rates by just […]

CareerBuilder releases list of hottest jobs for 2016

If finding a new job in 2016 is among your New Year’s resolutions, new research from CareerBuilder could provide some guidance about where to start. In partnership with Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI), CareerBuilder compiled a list of the hottest in-demand jobs for 2016.

Tech Trends to Watch That Will Impact Your Sales Team

As technology continues to advance further into each process of our everyday lives, trends we once thought didn’t apply to our core sales business suddenly become critically important. The Harvard Business Review recently highlighted five important technology trends that impact your sales team. (The list is derived from 10 strategic tech trends originally published by […]