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Do You Need Better Call Recording Software? A Guide to Finding the Right One

We’ve all heard that familiar voice tell us “This call may be recorded for quality assurance or training purposes.” It’s true—having a call recording system for your business can lead to many benefits, one of which is training your customer service team to serve customers well! But there are many other benefits, as well, from […]

4 Ways to Help a Struggling Customer Service Agent

What do you do when a customer service rep is struggling to perform? In certain cases, it’s clear that the person isn’t a good fit and should be let go or transitioned to another position. However, sometimes a rep has all the right qualities and the desire to be of service, yet continues to miss […]

ChatBots: The Good and the Bad

Implementing a ChatBot for your business can seem like a great idea, but like any other tool, it has its major pros and major cons.

Why You Need a Customer Service Scrum

Scrum meetings are events from the technology world designed to help get everyone from your team quickly on the same page about critical projects. During a scrum, the overall status of a project is outlined, as well as the critical actions that will be covered over the course of the day by different team members. […]

Helping Marketing Analytics Directors Thrive

Midsize and enterprise companies are increasingly hiring marketing analytics directors. Yet, for many companies, it’s not clear what directors need in these positions to succeed and thrive. What does a marketing analytics director really do, and how can companies set them up for maximum productivity and impact? Here’s a closer look at three tips to […]