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How to Set Customer Service Goals for 2021

As 2020 winds down, it’s tempting to take a deep breath of gratitude. You made it! 2020 was a rough year for every single one of us—between the political madness and the global pandemic, we’re lucky any of us made it to the finish line.

3 Ways to Approach Finding New Calling Software

The number of call center software solutions on the market continues to grow. After all, as technology continues to develop, it’s become easier and easier to utilize technology within your customer service strategy. There are things on the market in 2020 that customer service representatives of days past could only dream of, and some of […]

4 Misconceptions About Customer Service Analytics

Customer service efforts can often feel difficult to quantify. How can you really put a number on customers’ satisfaction with your product or service? That being said, it’s almost impossible to improve on something if you aren’t sure where you currently stand. That’s why customer service analytics are essential; they help you recognize where your […]

The 5 Best Headsets for Customer Service

You’ve got a customer on the phone. You’re helping them troubleshoot something with your product or service. They’re just getting to the part where they tell you what’s going wrong when …

4 Ways to Serve Customers Effectively Over Instagram

Is Instagram still an important place for companies to be? The answer’s yes—but, like all digital strategies, the platform changes rapidly. It’s important to stay up to date on the latest features of a platform you’re going to put time and resources into.