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Strategies for Using Bots in Your Marketing

Bots are quickly becoming a favored tool for marketers because they deliver an intimate, one-on-one sales experience—at scale. Simply put: bots are the new apps, and hundreds of companies are using them to do anything from answer routine customer questions to providing a concierge-like shopping experience.

3 Ways to Quickly Address Common Problems with Your Sales Team

In yesterday’s Advisor, we looked at why companies often fail to properly route their sales leads. If your organization is already struggling with sales processes, there are ways of identifying problems and fixing them.

Why Your Sales Admin is Your Greatest Weapon

In a fast-paced environment like sales, it’s important to always remember your greatest weapon: your sales administrator. Your admin should function as your everyday ally and can assist with everything from vetting prospects to booking travel and even to forecasting sales.

Online Tools Salespeople Should Use

In part one of this article, we shared a list of Gmail and Google Chrome browser extensions that make salespeople’s lives easier and more productive. In today’s Advisor, we’ll expand the conversation to encompass additional online tools that help salespeople do their jobs better.

5 Tips for Supercharging Your Sales Team’s Productivity

If there’s any field that requires constant productivity, it’s sales. Few fields have the same demands and pressures for constantly hitting numbers, whether those are weekly outreach goals or annual sales quotas. For sales reps who are always on the go, it takes focus and a strategic plan to consistently deliver at the right level.

Social Media Analytics Tools

In yesterday’s Advisor, we shared some of the best social media management tools on the market, keeping pricing in mind for small- and medium-sized businesses. In today’s Advisor, we’ll take a look at additional social media analytics tools that can help you to be smarter and more informed with your social media marketing.

Is It Time to Embrace Retention Marketing?

  In a recent study of senior marketers, developing a customer acquisition strategy ranked on par with maintaining customer satisfaction in terms of top strategic priorities. Yet, studies have repeatedly shown than an existing customer is more valuable to your business than a future one. Bain and Co. suggests that raising retention rates by just […]

7 Types of High-ROI B2B Sales Technology

by Liz Alton The evolution of sales technology is changing the way that B2B sales teams prospect, manage customer information, and close deals. Investing in the right technology helps your sales reps scale their outreach, eliminate unnecessary administrative tasks, and improve the customer experience.