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E-Mail Automation Tools (Mailchimp Is Now Free!)

The word FREE catches anyone’s eye. When Mailchimp announced the company is offering their marketing automation tool for free, marketers took note. Whether you are on the Forever Free, Monthly, Pro or Pay As You Go plan, you can now send personalized automations for no extra cost. By offering this service for free, Mailchimp hopes […]

Aligning Sales Deal Stages with Your Organization

In a recent Advisor, we talked about deal stages and understanding their different meanings. In today’s Advisor, we share how to align deal stages with your organization.

Marketing Mindset Changes to Make in 2018

As we begin a new year and a new quarter, here are a few mind-set changes that may help you see a better return on investment (ROI) on your marketing efforts.

What Are You Hearing? Your Company’s Secret Customer Satisfaction Weapon

If your only conversations with customers begin and end with market research, you’re missing a critical opportunity to get the real scoop on how your business is performing in the market. Today’s busy customers are unlikely to respond to surveys—with response rates often below 5%—and those who do respond often fall into extremes. However, capturing […]

Relationship Selling on Social Media: The Groundwork

Traditional sales techniques recommend cold calling, in-person drop-ins, and an endless amount of e-mails. But one of the most effective yet underutilized mediums for making contact with a good prospect is by using various social media channels. And, although LinkedIn® is one of the most relevant networks for connecting with professionals, it’s not the only […]

3 Ways Your Contact Center Can Use a Knowledge Base

In customer service, time is money, and it’s important to use every tool available to deliver an effective customer experience while controlling costs. Yet, it can be difficult to anticipate and train your contact center team for every customer service issue that arises during their shift. Increasingly, companies are relying on a shared knowledge base […]