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Choosing the Best CRM for Your Company

Customer relationship management software platforms (CRMs) are a great way to interact with customers and keep everything organized. However, there are a ton of options on the market—which one is the best fit for your business?

4 Ways to Keep Your Customer Service Team Productive

Your customer service team is one of your business’s most important and most visible departments. Its role in smoothly resolving customer complaints and quickly processing orders can’t be overstated. However, customer service roles can become reactive, only answering queries when they come in and treating the rest of the time as downtime. What steps can […]

E-Mail Automation Tools (Mailchimp Is Now Free!)

The word FREE catches anyone’s eye. When Mailchimp announced the company is offering their marketing automation tool for free, marketers took note. Whether you are on the Forever Free, Monthly, Pro or Pay As You Go plan, you can now send personalized automations for no extra cost. By offering this service for free, Mailchimp hopes […]