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Tips from RecruitCon2018: 5 Gives for Every Ask

At our recent RecruitCon 2018 event, Kristin Dudley gave a session titled “Growing Your Online Presence: How to Build Out Your Social Media Recruiting Strategy.” Her major advice: for every ask you put out on social media, you need to have five gives. And the principle works for marketers as well.

Aligning Sales Deal Stages with Your Organization

In a recent Advisor, we talked about deal stages and understanding their different meanings. In today’s Advisor, we share how to align deal stages with your organization.

B2B Companies Can’t Ignore the Importance of Brand

In some executives’ minds, business to business (B2B) branding just doesn’t make sense. Consumers base their purchases on the emotional pull of a brand. But for business transactions, no one cares about any of that … Right? Wrong.

Building Thought Leadership with Social Media

Yesterday, we explored a talk by Maddy Osman entitled Tweet Like a CEO: Building Thought Leadership Using Social Media. Osman spoke at BLR’s Marketing Summit last month in Denver. Today, we’ll look at a few more ways of using social media to build thought leadership, including creating sharable content and curating content.