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5 Tips to Strengthen Your Sales and Marketing Partnership

Sales and marketing have to work together to drive leads for businesses. When sales and marketing are aligned in their efforts, your business’ growth initiatives can be unstoppable. Yet many companies find these departments struggling to find strategies to work together effectively. Why do challenges arise, and more importantly, what can revenue leaders do to […]

Does Your Marketing Team Have These Essential 7 Skills?

Today’s best marketing teams are tech-savvy, multitalented, and capable of producing measurable results. Businesses that have been slow to invest in their marketing teams may not realize it, but the battle for top marketing talent is on among creative agencies, publishers, corporations, and media companies.

5 Advanced Instagram Audience-Building Tips

In yesterday’s Advisor, we discussed how to start the process of building a strong Instagram® following. Once you’ve leveraged your existing network, mastered hashtags, and reached out to people in your space, it’s time to introduce more advanced strategies. Here’s a closer look at four more ways to grow your Instagram community.

HR and sales are seen as lagging in analytical skills, new study suggests

Human Resources and sales are seen as lagging in analytical skills when compared with other organization functions, according to a recent study. The global survey, “Conquering Big Data: A Study of Analytical Skills in the Workplace,” was sponsored by American Management Association (AMA), and looked at how prepared organizations are to compete in an age […]

Tech Trends to Watch That Will Impact Your Sales Team

As technology continues to advance further into each process of our everyday lives, trends we once thought didn’t apply to our core sales business suddenly become critically important. The Harvard Business Review recently highlighted five important technology trends that impact your sales team. (The list is derived from 10 strategic tech trends originally published by […]