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How Facebook Messenger Bots Have Changed Customer Service

The concept of a customer service bot is nothing new. Ever since the Internet has been around, people have been seeking ways to automate their customer service and make it easier for people to get the answers they’re looking for. From SmarterChild on AIM to Siri on your HomePod, bots have come a long way—and […]

5 Ways You Can Use AI to Improve the Customer Experience

Did you know that “60% of retail and e-commerce brands will implement AI” this year? Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the process of computer systems completing tasks we’d typically expect humans to complete: translations, decision-making, and more. Brands are finding more and more ways to use AI to not only cut costs but also enhance […]

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Paid Marketing

This is undoubtedly the year that artificial intelligence (AI) finds its way into just about every technology-related discussion on the planet. For marketers, AI brings a variety of consequences, and the possibilities are still emerging.