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Why You Should Be Implementing Callbacks

Stop making customers listen to waiting music for hours.

Source: fstop123 / iStock / Getty

As the holidays approach, you may find your customer service line getting busier and busier. Lots of customers may be calling in about return policies, questions about your product, or purchasing issues. It’s important to make your call center system as streamlined as possible so that you run like a well-oiled machine. But the first step is giving customers as short a wait time as possible—or eliminating that wait time altogether.

One way that call centers are lowering their wait times is by implementing a callback system. A callback system is simply a queue that develops and allows call center agents to call customers back in the order their call was received or at a scheduled time. There are plenty of perks to consider when it comes to callback systems.

The first and most obvious is that customers are free to go about their day instead of sitting on the phone listening to waiting music. Not only is this a service to them but it also will raise the odds that they’ll still be in a positive mood before they get on the phone with you. If they were able to skip over an obnoxious waiting period, they’re much more likely to be calm and cheerful.

Second, it will lower your call abandonment rate. Studies show that callback systems lower the abandonment rate by at least 32% (source), meaning that more people will find the solutions they’re looking for if you’re able to call them back. When callers hop off of the phone after being on hold with a company, they’re likely associating your company with stress, frustration, and a lack of care.

Lastly, a callback system may save you money. Instead of paying for every minute a customer is on hold, which can add up quickly, you’ll only be paying for time that you’re actually speaking to customers. The high costs of keeping customers on hold can quickly add up, particularly during the holidays, when you’re likely to be facing a high volume of calls.

Overall, callback systems could be a great thing to consider for your company as you head into a high-volume season. Even after the holidays, you’re likely to be facing quite a few customer service issues, as anyone who receives your product as a gift may have issues in January/February. So now’s the perfect time to look into implementing a callback system into your customer service routine.