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How CRM Software Offers Customer Support Advantages

CRM systems play an important role in sales. Here’s how they help customer support, too.

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Customer relationship management (CRM) is the cornerstone of sales and marketing. Thanks to technology systems, customer support personnel are also seeing the benefit of more data at their fingertips when they’re resolving calls and questions. However, you may not be capturing all the benefits of your CRM system for customer service. Here’s a closer look at specific ways you can leverage your CRM for your customer service team.

Populate personalized information on customer service screens: Across the body of interactions with your brand, customers share personal information. Their names, interests, family situations, and history with your brand can all come up. Document this information in your system, and give your customer service agents access to it when they pick up a call. Agents who have access to the latest information about what a customer has bought can greet him or her by name and bring past customer interactions to bear. These agents are likely to offer a more personalized experience.

Increase consistency across channels: As companies work to improve the customer experience, consistency across service channels is key. With a CRM, you’re able to do more than personalize the experience you’re offering. In fact, you’re able to deliver it more consistently across channels. A customer wants the same level of service when he or she calls, e-mails, or reaches out in person. Leverage your CRM—and train your agents to properly tap into it—to help improve consistent offerings across the board.

Improve your outreach: While many people think of customer service as a reactive function, businesses are increasingly seeing success through proactive outreach. By integrating with a CRM, for example, one company was able to reach out to customers who had recently purchased a complex product to see if they had questions. A cruise line followed up with customers after they booked an upcoming trip to offer help with reservations, excursions, and other areas. Using your CRM to identify service areas and get ahead of complaints can up-level your experience overall.

Learn more: Tapping into the full capabilities of your CRM can also help shape your research and data agenda. When you need to know more about your audience, lean into the recommendations made by the CRM. Use gaps in your technology’s data to prioritize your outreach and other activities. Learning more about your customers is the cornerstone of creating a winning customer service experience.

Do you need to improve your customer service? Integrating your company’s CRM into the support you offer can provide service opportunities, personalization support, and the ability to meet needs at scale.