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7 Software Hacks to Automate Your Customer Service in 2019

The challenge for customer service in 2019 is to automate as much as possible without losing that personal touch that is so valuable. Here are seven customer service automation hacks to help bridge the gap between a personal touch and automation.

Hack #1 Be Very Specific About When to Start E-Mail Automation

A great hack is to use a customer service e-mail automation system like that offered by GrooveHQ. You can use their software to create e-mail sequences tailored to your users’ specific needs. GrooveHQ lets you create a chain of ‘logic’ that dictates when automated e-mails fire and selects the right e-mail to send when specific user behavior happens.

For example, you can create e-mail automation that only begins when an existing customer visits a certain page. This will make that user feel valued and it’ll give them a much better customer experience with your brand.

Here are some more conditions when it might be useful to trigger automated e-mails:

  • When a user is considering making a purchase
  • Within the first 30 days of a new customer acquisition
  • When a customer needs help
  • When a customer is dissatisfied
  • Following a service error or site downtime

Hack #2 Use Location Data with Chatbots

You can use user location data to help personalize chatbot interactions. For example, Hipmunk uses location data to offer travel packages relevant to the user’s area.

Hack #3 Design your Own Chatbot

It’s important that you use chatbots that are customized to your needs. It’s become really easy to build your own chatbot without the need of any coding knowledge.

For example, you can use ChatFuel to automate your Facebook page. It will ensure you don’t miss any customer engagement. ChatFuel can send automated answers to common questions and automatically forward more complex inquiries to a customer service agent.

This will help deliver much higher click-through rates than e-mail.

The way ChatFuel works is that you create your bot by adding ‘blocks’ which are like website pages of content, but in this case, they are different types of messages.

You can then input common user responses and build messages that respond to them. You will end up with a flow chart of messages that are sent based on certain user interactions.

Once your automated live chat requires a deal to be closed you can pause the bot and a human can then take over and close the deal, delivering that all-important personal touch we talked about.

Hack #4 Use Mention to Find Users to Engage With

Customer service isn’t just about dealing with customer queries via your own site and platforms, it’s also about delivering customer service to customers wherever they are.

A great tool for doing this is Mention. Mention helps you find where your brand is being talked about by ‘listening’ to social media conversations. It will link you directly to the users talking about your brand. Often they may be customers who are experiencing difficulties with your product. You can then reach out to them and help them solve their issues.

Hack #5 Create Automated Webinars

Webinars have really taken off as they are a proven way to give your leads a taste of what you have to offer while providing practical solutions for their pain points. Typically webinars are seen as live workshops that require you to take a one-on-one approach to deliver value.

They’ve not been seen as a tool that can be used at scale or a tool where there are lots of opportunities for automation. But that has changed and it is becoming easier and easier to offer your users a bespoke webinar experience at scale without you having to run a whole bunch of workshops live each time.

You can use a platform like EverWebinar to make the entire webinar process automated. Here’s how to use webinars to automate customer service. Make a list of common pain points that your users have. Come up with pain points for each stage of the customer journey, from leads to repeat customers.

Create a webinar for each key stage of the customer journey. Promise a live Q&A at the end. Make sure 80% of your seminar is offering solutions to your customers. But you can use the last 20% of your presentation to encourage users to move deeper into the sales funnel or hop to the next stage in their customer journey.

With EverWebinar you can even simulate live chat. Or you can display a question box so customers can get an e-mail response to their questions.

Hack #6 Automate your Mobile App

Sometimes customer service is about helping customers serve themselves and pre-empting the need for customer service.

For example, you can use a mobile app to automate bookings and purchases, send automated notifications and give users access to support content in the form of articles, videos, and audio.

Hack #7 Use Location Triggers to Send Relevant Advice

You can even use geolocation features to trigger messages when customers enter certain locations. For example, a travel company could use this feature to send relevant help guides as their customers go on their travels.

Thanks for Reading!

We hope these customer service automation hacks have shown you how it’s possible to revolutionize the way you deliver customer service in 2019.

Although we’ve only just scratched the surface of what is possible, there are plenty of tips here that can set you apart from your competition and help you begin to foster a loyal customer base who are willing to reward you handsomely for providing an exceptional customer experience.

Ian Naylor is the CEO and Founder of AppInstitute. Naylor has founded, grown and sold 4 successful internet and technology companies during the past 18 years around the world. He gives seminars as an expert authority on start-up mobile app trends, development, and online marketing and has spoken at numerous industry events, including The Great British Business Show, Venturefest, the National Achievers Congress and numerous industry exhibitions around the United Kingdom.