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4 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service Technology Performance

A successful customer service technology strategy requires more than great software. Here’s how to get it right.

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Investing in your customer service technology platform is a great way to help scale up performance, deliver a better customer experience, and create the foundation for a sustainable data strategy. However, many organizations fail to plan for the technology foundation that can make it a success. Here’s a closer look at what needs to be in place to optimize your customer service technology platform’s effectiveness.

Today’s businesses are under more pressure than ever before to deliver outstanding customer service experiences. However, across the business world, there is an increasing demand for IT and technology experiences. This puts the pressure on the company’s network, which delivers bandwidth and speed to each program or digital experience. Ensure that your overall business—and your customer support center or workers in particular—has access to adequate bandwidth. Unnecessary delays can add minutes to customer calls and result in mounting frustration.

Computing power: If you invested in a customer service software platform, you have probably seen how expansive its capabilities are. From keyword searches that can bring up a wealth of information on any product or topic to instantly delivering personalized details of a customer’s transaction history, these powerful programs enable better customer service. However, running these programs requires significant computing power. If you have not updated your data center or made sure that your available computing power supports your software’s optimum speed, take the time to invest in this area now to capture maximum return on investment (ROI).

Communications tools: Is your customer service software supported by state-of-the-art communications tools? If not, this may be one area that your organization wants to evaluate in the year ahead. These tools might include voice over internet-based telephony that reduces costs and improves communication quality for incoming calls. It may also be collaboration software that allows a customer service agent to quickly reach a manager or specialist to get back up on a complex case.

IT support: It’s important that any customer service software you rely on have adequate IT support. Whether that means on-staff experts who can get servers up and running quickly should a failure occur or database administrators who can customize software to your unique needs, define your IT support needs, and ensure that your team is properly resourced in the year ahead.

Technology can help take your customer service performance to new levels. Yet many companies have not taken the steps to ensure they have the technological foundation in place to make the most of their investment. Explore these areas today to help your team reach its larger goals.