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4 Ways Technology can Make Your Call Center More Effective

Call centers are on the front lines of delivering an outstanding customer service experience. Here are four ways technology makes call centers more effective.

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Today’s call centers have significant responsibility. They are the frontline forces for brands—delivering on the expected customer experience, from answering routine questions to helping resolve customers’ most frustrating problems. While many organizations focus on training their teams and developing KPIs to make sure they’re staying on target, data and technology are helping call centers become more effective than ever before. Here are five ways technology can help your call center take customer support to the next level.

A single view of the customer: As organizations collect more customer data than ever before, they have the opportunity to truly understand their customers and their unique needs. However, many organizations face the reality that individual data streams don’t integrate and that different systems don’t communicate smoothly with each other. To combat this, call center managers are increasingly looking at solutions that will help them integrate customer data and achieve a single view of the customer. Invest in the right technology to get more done with your customer service data.

Customized support scripts: With access to better data, it is possible to offer a more personalized experience to your customers. From personalized greetings to ensuring that customer service agents already know what products a customer has purchased, integrating data into your standard support scripts offers two benefits: Customers know they are valued, and it’s easier to resolve concerns when all the customers’ data are immediately available.

More effective call routing: Another benefit of data-driven call centers is effective call routing. For example, some brands have collected information on what support channel their customers prefer. When an inquiry comes in, it’s easy to draft responses through e-mail, text, or a phone call, depending on that customer’s preferences.

More accurate knowledge creation: Many customer service teams rely on a knowledge database to quickly give them answers to questions that customers ask most often. By incorporating data about a customer’s buying behavior, brands are more likely able to immediately provide customer service reps with the information they need. For example, if a customer recently purchased a specific product, a data-driven system can present information relevant to that customer when a customer service request comes in.


Increase the efficiency of your call center by investing in the underlying technology to make the most of the data you collect. With a data-driven center, you can personalize calls, resolve issues faster, and provide better support to help your team provide winning customer support each and every time.