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4 Unexpected Technologies to Help Your Customer Service Team Be More Productive


Customer service productivity depends on technology, and most companies utilize the most common forms. But we’re going to look at some less commonly used technologies that can give your team—and your company—a leg up on the competition.

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Throughout our workdays, we all use various types of technology to get more things done. Customer service teams are no different. Your team already relies on fast networks, crystal-clear headsets, and well-developed knowledge bases to perform their jobs well. But if you really want to help your team improve productivity, you’ll have to think outside the box.

Here are four unexpected technologies that can help your customer service team become more productive.

Chatbots: Consider implementing customer service chatbots to help customers solve simple issues or get information quickly without the need for a human agent. Here’s an example of how it works: A customer needs to make a return, but he or she can’t find the instructions on how to do it. An FAQ bot can quickly help that customer locate the instructions on your website, eliminating the need for a phone call. Many chatbots can even collect information from the customer in the event that an agent needs to follow up. By alleviating the burden of those initial inquiries from your team, your agents will have more time and energy to focus on real complaints. Bonus: A chatbot can also help reduce customer service costs by as much as 30%, according to IBM.

Mindfulness and meditation apps: Workplace stress is a major epidemic, and customer service teams often feel the brunt of it—and that can hinder their productivity. Introduce your team members to apps that can help them better manage the stress they face at work, as well as in the other parts of their lives. Apps that guide users through mindfulness exercises or meditation sessions can leave your customer service team feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on the next challenging customer complaint with confidence.

Social networks: Implementing an enterprise social network can help your customer service team get answers faster—not to mention forge better relationships and improve collaboration. Enabling your team members to chat in real time without leaving their desk makes it possible for agents to seek backup on a tough customer issue or give a heads-up before transferring a call. Agents can easily reach out to supervisors for advice or approval—all while on the phone with the customer if necessary.

Meal delivery apps: A hungry team is not a productive team. Consider treating your customer service team to a weekly meal on the house. The gesture helps your employees feel appreciated, and satiating their hunger can improve their attitudes about work. Whether you go with easy options to feed large groups (such as pizza) or use a delivery app that allows group ordering for individual meals, be sure to take everyone’s dietary restrictions and preferences into consideration so nobody is left gnawing on pen caps.

Every customer service manager wants a more productive team. Working to support your team’s happiness and well-being can go a long way toward that goal. Finding creative ways to use technology can help your team perform better than ever.