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4 Things Your CRM Must Have

Your customer relationship management software needs to be the ultimate bridge between you and your customers.

When you’re deciding how you’re going to communicate with customers, it can seem like a huge debacle. How are you going to set your customers’ expectations, deliver amazing service, and be efficient in all of your communication?

Not all customer relationship management (CRM) programs are created the same. But finding the right CRM doesn’t need to be a headache. Here are five things your CRM absolutely must have to work effectively for your business.

  • Status updates for clients. One of the most important features of a CRM is the ability to tag and sort clients into statuses. That means you know whom you’ve sent a proposal to, whom you’ve invoiced, whom you’re putting together a final draft for, etc. It totally takes away the headache of staring down a huge list of clients and wondering where you are with each one. In a good CRM, you’ll be able to add notes to each individual client so you can remember details from any of your phone calls or information that you need to provide them the service they ordered. It’s also helpful if your CRM allows the client to see their status, so you know you’re on the same page.
  • Payment acceptance. Being able to invoice and accept payments through your CRM is a must. It makes your accounting super straightforward and also allows you to easily see your financial statements. If you have to direct your clients to a third-party payment processor, get them on the phone to pay, or require them to stop in, in person, these instances can create major bumps in the road when it comes to you getting what you’re owed. You get bonus points if your CRM has automatic invoice reminders or allows you to see when an invoice has been viewed.
  • Digital to-do lists. Your CRM needs a place for you to keep a task list. The days of paper planners and scattered Post-it® notes are over. Having a centralized location where you can keep your task list and organize your to-dos is a vital part of any CRM.

Embedded communication. Can you e-mail or message clients directly from the platform? It’s an incredibly helpful feature that will help you connect with clients without needing to dive into your e-mail inbox. Everyone knows the feeling of having to send a quick e-mail, only to wind up in e-mail jail for hours. Having a built-in embedded communication ability in your CRM will be a lifesaver.