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4 Customer Service Tech Areas to Invest in During 2019

The right technology can help your team perform at maximum efficiency. Here’s a closer look at the top customer service technology trends of 2019.

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For busy customer service managers and directors, it’s important to tap in to every advantage possible. Today’s customer service teams balance the need for maximum efficiency and delivering an outstanding customer experience. Technology can help increase the efficiency, knowledge, and finesse your teams bring to the table. If you’re struggling to get a handle on everything you need to do, here’s a closer look at the steps you can take to make your technology stack an importance advantage in the year ahead.

Cloud-based back-office solutions: One of the most important technology tools customer service directors need is a back-office command center. Whether you’re scheduling your team or looking at efficiency data, it’s important to have a system that makes it easier to manage a busy team. Today’s top organizations are turning to cloud-based solutions that let you connect from anywhere, while also exploring a range of modules that can be targeted to your unique needs.

Expanded support channels: Customers are increasingly demanding support through a range of channels, including phone, e-mail, video, chat, and social media. If you’re relying solely on a software platform that routes calls, you’re falling behind. Instead, it’s important to consider whether an omnichannel software solution could help you grow your opportunities and meet the needs of your customer base.

Customer service systems software: As buyers demand more personalized services, many organizations are turning to customer relationship management and other systems to help manage interactions. The right customer service systems software offers multiple types of support, ranging from pulling up background information that helps identify customers when they call in, to quick access to a specific customer’s purchase history. The more accurate your agents can be when your customers call, the more satisfied those customers are likely to be.

Knowledgebase: When your agents are busy trying to answer customers’ questions, a knowledgebase can help. This type of software stores product information, common questions and their answers, and other details, and the data can be searched by keyword. Agents are able to quickly locate the information they need, help customers, and end calls quickly and efficiently. If you’ve failed to invest in this area, it could be one strategic investment that increases delivery and performance across the board.

Customer service is a busy and important frontline function for every business. The right technology can help you deliver to the highest standards your organization sets. Look at your technology stack today and see if additional investments are needed.