It’s Time to Develop a Video Strategy for LinkedIn

B2B marketers can now get more done with LinkedIn. Here’s how.

B2B marketers looking for new venues for their videos are rejoicing. The most relevant B2B social media platform, LinkedIn, has finally rolled out video for company pages and video in sponsored ads. B2B marketing and advertising has a reputation for being boring and dry. The best B2B marketers know this should not be the case because at the end of the day, B2B is still human to human. New LinkedIn video capabilities acknowledge that. If you’re a B2B marketer and you don’t have a LinkedIn marketing strategy, it’s time to nail one down! Here are some key components you can’t afford to leave out.

A Consistent and Thoughtful LinkedIn Presence

By consistently sharing useful information and interacting with your target audience, LinkedIn can be used to create trusting and valuable relationships. There’s nothing worse than logging onto LinkedIn, checking out a company’s page, and seeing updates scattered inconsistently through the past months, with no posts of any value. Publish your brand’s content regularly, and share updates that are relevant to your target audience. Use LinkedIn’s analytics to gauge which topics are the most engaging, and optimize your posting strategy accordingly. A consistent and thoughtful posting schedule increases the reach of both personal and company pages, ultimately pulling more potential leads to you.

Employee Involvement

If you are a B2B marketer with a strong group of employees behind your company, that gives you an advantage on LinkedIn. Craft a specific strategy just for employee involvement on LinkedIn. The framework could include:

  • Encourage employees to list the company as their employer. This increases credibility of the page.
  • Encourage employees to share updates from the company page and tag relevant prospects or current clients in company page posts when appropriate.
  • Encourage employees to create meaningful relationships with other users of LinkedIn, and consider contributing to groups where they can provide an interesting perspective or expertise.


If your B2B company or organization has video capabilities, LinkedIn is an ideal place to showcase your creations. Video content depends on what is important to your target demographic, but the beauty of video content is that it allows your brand to tell a story. Maybe it’s a how-to video on how your product is used, or possibly, it’s video testimonials. Experiment with different types of videos and see how your audience reacts. You may already be doing this on other social media platforms, like Facebook or Instagram. Video is driving engagement and reach, and it’s ultimately helping companies stand out from the competition.

LinkedIn continues to evolve, much to the delight of B2B marketers. There’s never been a better time to refine your LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy, so dive in!