Tech Trends to Watch That Will Impact Your Sales Team

As technology continues to advance further into each process of our everyday lives, trends we once thought didn’t apply to our core sales business suddenly become critically important. The Harvard Business Review recently highlighted five important technology trends that impact your sales team. (The list is derived from 10 strategic tech trends originally published by Gartner).

Among the trends to watch:

1. Computing Everywhere
Mobile devices broke the barrier of emailing a buyer or team-member “when I get back to the office.” Now, the buzzword is IoT. Vehicles, buildings, appliances, and more are all connected to the ecosystem of constant communication.

2. Advanced, Pervasive, Invisible Analytics
According to HBR, “By layering analytics seamlessly on top of linked data on customers, sales activities, and salespeople, companies can deliver the right decision assistance to the right salespeople and customers at the right time.” This is true now more than ever, as the sheer amount of data available compounds. The difficult part is utilizing that data in an effective way.

3. Context Rich Systems
In sales, the ability to customize your message to your clients based on data and analytics is an extreme advantage.

4. Cloud Computing and 5. Software Defined Infrastructure
As our customer’s interests and needs change, cloud computing and software defined infrastructure allow us to be more nimble, and quickly pivot to meet demand.

See the original article here to read several examples of how technology is changing the sales process in the financial services, pharmaceutical, and telecom industries.