Creating Referrals from Happy Clients

In a recent Advisor, we shared a number of different strategies for measuring sales performance. In today’s Advisor, we’ll provide some guidance regarding how to create referrals from happy clients.

One of the best ways to bring new customers to a business is through word of mouth, or referrals from existing customers. After a successful sale, many businesses send out surveys to their customers to find out if they had an enjoyable experience throughout the process. The survey might ask questions like, “How happy are you with our products/services?” and “How likely are you going to recommend us to your family and friends?”

But getting survey answers and confirming that they are happy with what you offer doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to refer you. No matter how satisfied they are, not all customers are vocal about their experience with a brand.

Companies are investing more and more in referral strategies to bring in new customers. Through referrals, you’re more likely to get qualified prospects. So, having a solid referral strategy all but guarantees more sales for the business.

Here are some easy ways for sales representatives to get more customers through referrals from your existing happy clients.

Always Provide Exceptional Service

The easiest way to get referrals is to always provide exceptional service to your clients. Go above and beyond in everything you do—not just offering the bare minimum. Give customers a reason to feel confident when recommending a business to their loved ones.

If you make your clients happy with your level of service, you won’t have to tell them to do anything to refer you—they’ll do it of their own free will.

Don’t Ask for Referrals

Instead, ask for introductions.

Sales speaker, Marc Wayshak, explains that many people still don’t know what a referral is, exactly. They might think of it as a reference or that you’re just asking for contact information.

When asking for a referral from a client, you might get a response like this: “Sure. Here’s a friend, Lisa’s contact number. Just use my name when contacting her.” Some people call this the “use-my-name” referral. Your client may think they’re being helpful, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the person they gave you actually needs your service.

If you ask for an introduction instead of referrals, you’re more likely to find actual qualified prospects. Ask a happy client, “Would you mind introducing me to Lisa? She seems to be a great fit for my services.” In this case, it’s a direct question, with a direct purpose.

One Introduction Each Day

Like the popular saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” if you ask for one introduction every single day, you’re actively increasing your chances for getting referrals.

The important thing is to make yourself commit to this action, and stick to it. Repeat this action every day, and you’re sure to get results.

Doing the same activities every day may seem to be challenging at first, but soon enough it will become routine. As with anything else in sales, sticking to a steady schedule of daily activities is said to be the key to all effective prospecting techniques.