Could a Lead Generation Agency Help Your Business?

Fresh leads are the lifeblood of some businesses. Here’s how to decide if a lead generation agency is right for you.

Source: nzphotonz / iStock / Getty

Service businesses, software businesses with high churn, and other business models rely on a steady stream of fresh leads. However, even the most aggressive in-house marketing and sales may fail to generate enough of those leads. At a certain point, many businesses have wrestled with the question of whether they should outsource some of their outreach to a lead generation agency. Here’s how to decide if one’s right for your business.

Does It Know Your Industry?

Before hiring a lead generation agency, look at whether it has experience in your industry. An agency that has great success connecting lawyers with leads might not be the right fit for an accounting firm. Look at the agency’s client roster, and dig deep into the resources and strategies it uses. In particular, explore how it’s representing brands in your industry and if it truly understands how to explain what your business offers to a potential lead.

Does It Offer a Dedicated Account Manager?

Who’s in charge of your account? The best lead generation partner will offer a dedicated account manager. Insist on speaking to the person assigned to your account before signing the contract.

Does It Offer Multiple Channels?

How does the agency find leads for your business? All too often, agencies rely on a call center to cold-call lists and hammer people to set appointments. That tactic can damage reputations and doesn’t necessarily generate the results needed to make the investment worthwhile. Look for a lead generation agency that leverages multiple channels to reach potential leads. A mix of in-person, digital, and social media channels offers the widest reach and coverage for potential leads.

Does It Provide Full Contacts and Reporting?

The best agency provides visibility into the work it does. Choose a partner that will provide you with a full set of contacts for all the positive leads it generates. If possible, work with an agency that provides contacts on a weekly or monthly basis. It’s also important to ask for detailed reporting. How many calls or how much time is it putting into your account? What percentage is it closing? These details can help you determine whether a lead generation agency is being efficient.

If your new customer leads are slowing down, a lead generation agency may be able to help. Ensure the agency you choose has a diverse set of recruiting methods and industry expertise and provides the contacts and reporting needed for you to realize a full return on investment throughout the partnership.