5 Fast Tips to Track Down Any Lead

Need quick tips on how to track down e-mail addresses for your leads? Here are five strategies you can use.

Source: nzphotonz / iStock / Getty

One way or another, every sale begins with a lead. But first, you have to know how to reach your prospective customers. Luckily, in these digital times, it may take only a few minutes and a bit of creativity to zero in on their contact details. Here are five solid strategies for tracking down the contact information you need to approach any prospective customer.

  1. Company website

This may seem like an obvious choice, but it’s so obvious that it’s often overlooked. Many companies post profiles or bios of prominent employees on the company website, which can include their e-mail address, office phone numbers, or even a vCard file.

  1. LinkedIn

This social media site can be a surprisingly good source of contact information for professionals. Company profiles typically identify important employees and may even contain their contact information in the description or other fields. If you already know the name of the individual you want to reach, try visiting his or her profile to see if he or she has listed a phone number or e-mail address.


If all you need is an e-mail address and you know the name of the individual you want to reach, may be the answer. The site allows you to enter a company’s domain and then search by the person’s name. The site makes an educated guess about his or her e-mail address based on other known e-mail addresses for that domain published elsewhere on the Web. It will even report a confidence score, expressed in a percentage, for each e-mail address.


On its website, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) lists a point of contact (often the CEO or other executive) for each member organization. While not every company participates in the BBB’s program, it’s worth checking as a resource if other search methods have failed.

  1. Pick up the phone

Sometimes, all you need to do is call. Dial the company’s main number, and simply ask for the information you want. Receptionists or switchboard operators will often share contact information from the company directory, including names, job titles, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.