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3 Copywriting Tips to Make Your Sales Page Irresistible

Make your sales page sparkle with a few copywriting tips and tricks.

Source: TCmake_photo / iStock / Getty

Your sales page is one of the most important pieces of your website. You want it to entice visitors to purchase your products or services, and while it sounds like an easy task, it’s anything but. Increasing your sales page conversion rate is one of the best things you can do for your business. Here are three copywriting tips to make your sales page irresistible so that anyone who visits becomes an enthusiastic customer.

  • Keep it simple: Clear beats clever every time. It doesn’t matter how witty your words are if the person reading them doesn’t understand what you’re selling. Make sure what’s included in any product or service is incredibly clear, and don’t attempt to be overly verbose. Most people will scroll through extra words and try to get right to the point. Keep things as simple as possible. Only use as many words as you need to, but get the point across.
  • Weave in storytelling: Humans have been telling stories as long as we’ve been on planet earth. It’s in our blood. If you can find a way to sell products and services through stories, you’ll see a boost in your bottom line. Think of the buyer as the hero of the story: Where is he or she now? Where are you helping him or her go? You’re the Yoda to the client’s Luke, the Dumbledore to his or her Harry. You’re guiding him or her through a life change, whether it’s a new exercise program, a new coaching package, or a new pair of jeans. Think of why your ideal client buys, and form a story around the reason.
  • Utilize credibility: Do you have testimonials from your past clients? What about awards you’ve won? Was one of your products featured on a local news segment? Any credibility identifiers you can use will give a boost to your credibility and create a FOMO feeling among shoppers. Don’t be afraid of boasting about your A-list clients or impeccable track record—this is the place to do so. Anyone can write amazing sales copy (or hire a copywriter), but this social proof is what will take your sales page to the next level. You don’t need to brag about yourself; you can let your past clients do it for you. By sending out an automated customer survey and collecting the best responses, you’re gathering testimonials without a ton of time, money, or awkward questions. Just make sure you get permission to use them first!