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4 Ways a Podcast Can Grow Your E-Mail List

Make sure you’re using every marketing strategy in your toolbox to keep your list flourishing.

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Trying to grow your e-mail list? If you’ve already run Facebook ads, used promotional materials, and focused on in-person sign-ups, it may be time to think outside the box. If your company has a podcast, the popular audio platform can be a great way to grow your list and cultivate a following.

Here are four ways a podcast can grow your e-mail list so that you can be in the in-box of more potential customers.

  1. Create content upgrades. If you’re covering a particular topic in one of your episodes, make a free PDF that goes along with it. For example, if you’re a business coach and you’ve had an episode about the importance of reading business books, whip up a PDF of some of your best recommendations. People who are interested can head over and download it in exchange for their e-mail address. (But make sure when people download your upgrade, they know they’re hopping on a subscription list and that you offer opportunities for them to unsubscribe. Cluttering your list with people who don’t actually want to be on it will actually cost you money in the long run.)
  2. Offer transcripts. Some people may be more interested in consuming your content in written form. Create a transcript of each episode (there are plenty of services that provide this, as well, if you’d like to outsource), and offer it as a free download for each episode. It’s similar to a content upgrade but a little more consistent, and it can be incredibly useful to your audience.
  3. Utilize your website. If your podcast has its own website, or even just a page off of your main site, make sure you have e-mail sign-up forms implemented. If you have show notes, each show note should have a sign-up—most people aren’t checking your show notes regularly but are instead simply heading there when they want to learn more about a specific episode. Therefore, they probably won’t be overwhelmed by repetitive asks.
  4. Advertise on your podcast. If you don’t have sponsors for your podcast, sponsor it yourself and create a mid-roll ad inviting people to sign up for your list. Make sure your content is packed with value so that people actually have an incentive to welcome you into their in-box. This is a great way to invite people to continue engaging with your company in a different capacity than the podcast.