4 Show Ideas for Your B2B Podcast

B2B podcasts are on the rise. If you are thinking of launching your own, here are some ideas for show concepts.

Source: Professor25 / iStock / Getty

Take a look at today’s podcast listings and you’ll quickly see that business-to-business podcasts are on the rise. From 5-minute snippets on sales tips to in-depth multi-hour interviews with high performers, it’s possible to find podcasts on everything from sales and marketing to manufacturing. Yet holding your audience’s attention in the B2B podcasting space means going beyond marketing your products and services and finding topics of interest. Here are four ideas to help you develop great show concepts.

Interview Your Industry’s Movers and Shakers

One of the reasons audiences love podcasts is because it gives them access to a wide range of voices. Use your podcasts to interview unique and insightful people in your network. Your executives, high-powered individual contributors, customers, and even partners and friends of the organization can all make great interviews. Focus on digging deep to get original insights, and ask questions that fall outside the scope of standard interviews on the topic.

Original Case Studies and Insights

Another way to bring your voice into the market with podcasts is to use your unique insights to share case studies. Whether you get customer permission to do a deep dive into their case study or you share original research from data, these types of podcasts appeal to B2B audiences. B2B decision makers are hungry for fresh insights and a closer look at what’s working right now. By using your unique perspective to highlight these factors in a show, you will keep listeners coming back time and again.

Tips to Solve Common Problems

There are certain challenges that come up over and over again in industries. For example, within marketing, companies of all sizes continue to wrestle with the challenges of marketing attribution. Consider dedicating a show to taking a deep dive into this topic. Take a look at the available data, and then focus on sharing actionable insights and tips that companies can put into action.

Future Trends

With the new year and a new decade on the horizon, many people in the business-to-business world are anxiously wondering what lies ahead. Explore trends in future products, look at how market conditions are shifting, or even discuss the skills and strategies employees will need to succeed. These topics are fascinating to listeners.

Dig deep to find interesting topics for podcasts, and you will be well on your way to cultivating a listenership that comes back, eager for the insights, ideas, and fresh voices that you highlight in each episode.