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4 Podcast Analytics You Should Be Tracking

If you’re podcasting, knowing your numbers is vital.

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Podcasting is a great way to share your gifts of knowledge, attract new eyes to your brand, and position yourself as an expert. But while you’re diligently recording, editing, and uploading, are you also making sure to keep an eye on your analytics?

Here are four podcast analytics you should be tracking to ensure you’re getting the word out there about your show.


Downloads are the most obvious statistic to track. However, don’t put too much stock in your download number. Two major things can skew this stat: the fact that many people subscribe to podcasts they never listen to and the fact that many people stream their shows. That means your download number could be either way higher or way lower than the actual number of people listening. Still, it’s an important number to track.


Having a large number of reviews on iTunes is a simple way to get more eyes on your podcast. Although the iTunes algorithm is notoriously complicated, it is pretty clear that the more reviews a show has, the more iTunes promotes it to other listeners. Ask the people listening in to drop you a rating and review to make sure your show gets to more ears.

Popularity of Individual Episodes

In addition to overall downloads, make sure to take a closer look at which episodes are your most popular. This will tell you what kind of content your audience is looking for and what they’re finding the most helpful. You should start to see patterns and can then plan accordingly for future content—not just podcast episodes but also blog posts, webinars, or live events—based on those topics.

Social Media Shares

How often is your show being shared on social media? You want your show to create buzz, not just be heard and then forgotten. Encourage listeners to share episodes that they found particularly relevant with their social circles, and track how often your brand’s podcast gets mentioned on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This can be hard to do, as there are so many ways to share a podcast online. But do your best to see how often episodes are being spread around.

Show Notes Visits

Are people going the extra mile and checking out an episode’s show notes? These are just a roundup of resources and additional information for each show you produce. The number of show notes visitors lets you know how many people are truly interested in what you’re saying and actually engaging with the content.