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3 Reasons Podcasting is the New Blogging

Move over, blogs—there’s a new content king in town.

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For years, it was widely considered essential for a business to be blogging. Blogging was an easy form of content that got your company in front of more eyes. It allowed you to position yourself as an expert, share your gifts of knowledge, and share content upgrades in order to encourage e-mail list sign ups.

But now? Blog reading is down—way down. Fewer and fewer people are sitting in front of their laptops. Instead, more companies are creating podcasts in order to spread their messages and attract attention. Whether you’re thinking of launching a podcast or hoping to get featured on someone else’s, podcasting should be part of your 2020 plans.

Here are three reasons podcasting will be the new blogging in 2020.

Digital Minimalism is the New Thing

People don’t to be on their laptops any more than they have to be. Think of REI’s #OptOutside hashtag—people are embracing the idea of engaging more with their real life communities. Podcasts, however, can be listened to on the go. Everyone needs to drive places, fold laundry, and wash dishes—why not give people something to listen to while they do so? Podcasts allow people to take in information without sitting and staring at a screen.

Details, Details, Details

Podcasts can get much more in-depth on any given topic than blogs can. Think of how much information can be shared during a 30-minute podcast. That amount of info would probably require ten different blog posts! This means that you can give more gifts of knowledge to a wider group of people than you could in a blogpost. So if there’s a topic you really want to speak about, it makes much more sense to do so on a podcast than to write an extremely long blogpost that likely won’t be read by many.

Podcast Listeners Are Dedicated

Back in the day, people who loved blogs would utilize programs like Google Reader to ensure they never missed a post. But now, most people are scanning the few blogs they do read. Podcasts, however, have dedicated (and growing) audiences that tend to listen to entire episodes. Your message will be heard in totality, not in snippets or tweets. It allows you to be more nuanced and thorough, knowing that most people who tune in are listening to the beginning, middle, and end of your conversation. Essentially, you’re forming deeper, longer-lasting relationships with a person’s audience, much more than you would in a blogpost.