3 Embarrassing Subject Line Mistakes to Avoid

Take a few minutes to check out this slideshow from Litmus outlining embarrassing subject line mistakes to avoid. 3 Embarrassing Subject Line Mistakes to Avoid from Litmus And, you can step up your email marketing by attending the Marketing Summit! This complimentary event designed to give Directors, VPs, and CMO’s the opportunity to vet solution […]

Technology Content Marketing 2017 – Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends – North America

Seventy-four percent said their organization always or frequently prioritizes delivering content quality over content quantity. That stat is even higher (92%) among the top-performing technology marketers. That’s just one stat from the Content Marketing Institute’s annual report on the content marketing practices of technology marketers. Technology Content Marketing 2017 – Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends – […]

Fonts Matter: a HubSpot study

You still using the same font you used a year ago? 2 years ago? Fonts are like fashion, they change and evolve and they go out of fashion. HubSpot will prove it. Check out the video below!

Marketing Measurement Shift in 2016

Analytical tools for marketing abound today, but many marketers are ending up data-rich and insight-poor. Change how you measure, analyze, and optimize your marketing efforts in order to distinguish the signal from the noise. This slideshow illustrates seven major marketing shifts that will define 2016.

Social media decision tree: ‘Should I post it?’

Do you know anyone—family member, friend or coworker—who lacks an internal filter when posting to social media? Someone who overshares by revealing inappropriate or potentially embarrassing information? (Perhaps the kind that could get them in trouble at the workplace?) If so, you might want to do them a favor and share decision tree slideshow with […]