Writing Effective Industry-Focused Marketing Copy for Landing Pages

Creating landing pages for industry targets? Here’s how to make them sing.

Increasingly, companies are targeting their products to clients in different industries. An accounting software package, for example, can be generic enough to work for any industry. Yet its specific features help people in retail, healthcare, and manufacturing industries to thrive in different ways. Creating industry-focused landing pages can be a smart way to show that your product serves customers from a specific industry. Here’s a closer look at how to make your industry pages speak to leads and prospects.

Start with a story: Stories are an effective way to speak to customers in a specific industry. Whether it’s an anecdote or a branded testimonial, help buyers envision early on how your product or service can make their life easier. For example, the accounting software above might make it easier to invoice clients, stay on top of inventory, or comply with industry-related audits. Help the buyers see themselves using your product and how it will make their life easier in the long term.

Don’t be afraid of stats: Business prospects love data because they help make the case for your product to their boss, CEO, or purchasing department. Look at the statistics that you have available, and decide whether weaving them into your copywriting can help make it more compelling. Taking a stats-forward point of view can help improve your ability to connect with and convert prospective buyers.

Speak to the benefits: How does your product or service specifically benefit a buyer in the target industry? Often, buyers in certain industries have unique needs and expectations. Speaking directly to how a product or service delivers to their individual specifications will make it easier to foster strong connections. For example, companies in healthcare have to deal with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements—and that shapes every element of their business. Being able to speak to HIPAA compliance and security will put your product ahead of those that don’t address an issue that’s so central to a specific industry.

Dive into the features: A product landing page that’s geared toward an industry should leverage specific features to help support the benefits. For example, if a benefit is 24/7 secure software, how does your product deliver that? The answer might be as simple as using certain types of encryption or having U.S.-based server farms. Outline the features that customers need to know about to help solidify the case you’re making.

Marketers can gain significant traction on their sales and marketing efforts by creating industry-focused resources. It’s important that your content clearly speak to buyers in specific industries, not just be optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). By making the case through data, stories, and features and benefits targeted to your ideal buyer, you’ll be well on your way to establishing a strong reputation in your chosen field.