Why Your E-mail Marketing Needs an Autoresponder Series

Autoresponders can help you forge better relationships with customers. Here’s what you need to know.

Source: tolgart / iStock / Getty

E-mail marketing remains a critical way to stay in touch with customers.

Yet all too often, marketers fail to set clear expectations and train their lists to interact with them the way they want. The easiest way to do so is to start off your relationship on the right foot with an autoresponder series. If you’re not using an autoresponder series (a quick burst of e-mails that users get in the first few days or weeks after they sign up for your mailing list) here are some ideas to help use an autoresponder to get subscribers excited about your e-mails.

Hit Hard with a Welcome E-mail

Once a user signs up, the very first e-mail they receive should blow them away. Ruthlessly evaluate your headline, copy, and images. Does it convey your voice and get people excited? Have you let them know what’s in it for them and why they should keep opening your e-mails? You only get one shot at making a first impression, so make sure your initial e-mail makes a big splash.

Introduce Yourself and Set Expectations

In your first e-mail (and in the ones that follow), make sure your brand voice is clear and strong. What can you share about yourself, your brand’s mission, the impact you have in the world, etc.? Think about what makes your brand memorable. From there, set expectations. How often will you e-mail customers? What can they expect when they open a message from you?

Deliver Something of Value

In your next message, offer something of value. This could be a free piece of content or a discount on a product or service. While you want it to be something that benefits your business, the key at this stage is not trying to sell anything. The goal is to get the mailing list subscriber excited about what you have to offer—and that starts with offering them something that proves your e-mails will provide them with value.

Anything you can do to get more value from your e-mail marketing list—and get users excited about interacting with you over time—is a good investment. Autoresponders are a “one and done” solution you can set up and scale to build better relationships over time.