Why You Need a Data Day in Your Business

You may be suffering from Too Many Numbers Syndrome. Here’s how to fix it.

Source: Feodora Chiosea / iStock / Getty

Data-driven marketing has allowed marketers to sell their products or services in whole new ways. The more information you have about your customers, the more you’re able to sell to them, and the better you’re able to forge connections. But have you ever felt like all of the numbers available are like a tidal wave?

There are Instagram followers, blog readers, demographics of repeat customers, Facebook ad conversion rates, webinar viewers, e-mail subscribers, customers of one specific product vs. another specific product, podcast listeners, and Pinterest repins.

The list goes on and on and on. The more numbers you’re hit with, the more it can start to feel as if they’re hurting instead of helping. After all, when you’re hit with a wall of numbers, how are you supposed to know which ones are important? How can you use them to make better decisions instead of just embracing them as vanity metrics?

Enter: data day.

A monthly data day could be exactly what your business needs. It’s the time when you gather all of the numbers and decide which ones are important for decision-making. Spend your morning mining through your various marketing endeavors to get the numbers and put them in a giant spreadsheet. Then, spend your afternoon deciding which of those numbers will have the most impact on your key performance initiatives (KPIs).

There are a few benefits to being able to gather numbers all at once: First of all, you’ll be able to see how those numbers affect each other over time. For instance, how many followers did you gain on Facebook over a month vs. how many leads came in over a month? You’ll also be able to gather all of your necessary data without letting them weigh down your brain the rest of the month. By getting that bird’s-eye view, you’ll get a more comprehensive picture instead of being distracted by outliers.

But the most crucial part of your data day is really taking a look at which statistics matter because not all of them do! Sure, it’d be great if every single marketing statistic consistently increased. But the amount of traffic on your blog doesn’t mean nearly as much as the conversion rate from your blog posts. How are you able to make marketing decisions if you’re “sort of” focusing on every number instead of the few that impact your business the most and doing it well?

Data day can radically transform your attitude about your analytics. Schedule one into your calendar, and take control of your numbers.