Why Telemarketing Should Form Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Reaching out to new customers is vital if you want your business to thrive. For your best chance of converting new leads into new business, the quality of those leads is equally important, and person-to-person communication is the most effective way of acquiring contacts that convert.

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Compared with telesales, which is purely a method of selling products to customers, telemarketing enables the small or medium enterprise to accomplish an entire portfolio of tasks. Telemarketers use different approaches, depending on whether the market is business to consumer or business to business and whether the telephone calls are outgoing or incoming.

Generating Leads and Making Appointments

Some people have a natural knack for cold calling and get fabulous results. Others would rather gnaw their own arms off than pick up the telephone and speak to someone they don’t know. Telemarketers are hand-picked and skillfully trained to develop a working rapport with the individual on the other end of the line.

Account Management

Your existing customers appreciate you checking in with them now and then. Maybe they’ve been meaning to get in touch about new business, but the opportunity hasn’t fully developed yet. On the other hand, deft questioning might reveal that something, however slight, went awry with their most recent transaction. Or maybe they owe your company money and need a gentle nudge or empathetic ear to resolve the situation diplomatically.

Account management entails a high level of professionalism and impeccable product knowledge. Person-to-person contact can help you get to the heart of a client’s issues quicker and more personally than a postcard or an impersonal link to an online survey.

Real-Time Consumer Feedback

Gauging interest in your product or service and identifying reasons for customer resistance enables you to gain an edge over your competitors by responding to changing consumer needs.

Enhancing Your Customer Database

For all marketing functions, accurate, real-time data are crucial to getting your message in front of the right people. Direct contact is the quickest way to find out who changed jobs, who replaced them, and whether the relationship is still relevant.

Why You Should Outsource Your Telemarketing

There are several reasons you should consider hiring an outside agency to perform your telemarketing tasks. Among them are legal, technical, and personnel issues.

U.K. Law

Telemarketing activities in the United Kingdom are becoming more and more regulated as members of the public voice their concerns about privacy issues. There are different rules for making live versus automated calls, different databases of parties who have opted out of receiving calls depending on whether they are a residence or a business, and varying permitted hours for contacting individuals as opposed to businesses.

The Engineering Angle

Although your subject matter expert will obviously have a telephone or two and maybe personnel on board with the interpersonal skills needed for in-house telemarketing, you may not be equipped with the latest telecommunications equipment and software or the expertise to run them.

This seemingly insignificant deficiency can have catastrophic consequences. For example, smartphones are often programmed to recognize those incoming numbers that place a lot of calls. If your outgoing dialing software doesn’t identify you to the caller, he or she may receive an alert from his or her service provider flagging your call as spam or, even worse, fraudulent.

Psychological Aspects

Interviewing someone over the telephone to ascertain whether a business relationship would be mutually beneficial should be client-centered, low key, and efficient without feeling rushed. Rather than reciting a prepared script, telemarketers need to think on their feet, listen to what the customer is saying, and fine-tune their approach.

Your callers can develop a direct relationship with your customers. With careful training, experienced telemarketers can detect subtle voice cues that reveal clues about a subject’s mood so they can craft their dialogue accordingly and achieve the best outcome for all concerned.

To sum it up, if you want to acquire and retain business, telemarketing is something you should consider. It’s an efficient, flexible, and cost-effective way of reaching out to and expanding your customer base. Telemarketing saves time and money and offers a high level of personal contact.