Why a Community of Your Peers Is Necessary for Growth

CMOs are in a class all their own, which means they face challenges other professionals don’t. Here’s what you need to know about finding a community of your peers and how doing so can help you grow—both professionally and personally.

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CMOs are under a range of pressures that few other professional roles can even imagine. Finding a group of peers who share your same concerns, wrestle with a range of strategic and tactical challenges, and address the same issues on personal levels around areas like work/life balance and future career development can give you new perspective. From helping shape the way you think to providing an outlet for asking difficult questions, networking with your peers can pay off in a big way. Here’s how a mastermind can benefit your career and personal and professional growth.

Understanding the Changing Scope of Your Profession

Today’s CMO is responsible for more responsibilities than before. From developing the organization’s strategic marketing direction to finding new ways to deliver on the customer experience, it’s a full mandate. And in many cases, these mandates are not fully supported by the right level of stakeholder engagement, human capital, and budget to make the vision a reality. Having a group of people in your corner who understand these factors can help you make the right trade-offs. From asking specific questions to comparing experiences, this group can bring a new perspective to your day-to-day workflow.

Addressing Personal Challenges

Being an executive carries a lot of responsibility. From determining the direction of your future career to striking the balance between your professional and personal responsibilities, you have a lot to manage on a daily basis. By networking with individuals who face the same challenges, you can get ideas on how to get it all done without losing your sanity. You can also find new ways to address important challenges and look at different strategies for everything from day-to-day productivity to long-term career planning.

Networking for Opportunities

Being tied into a network of CMOs—whether you focus on your local area or on your industry—offers numerous networking benefits. From identifying prospective customers and partners for your existing firm to keeping an eye open for future career opportunities, these relationships can add tremendous value to the way you grow your reputation and connections in the market.

CMOs need a community of peers to foster their long-term growth. It’s not just about perspective and relationships—it’s also about reinforcing the fact that there are many ways to tackle the strategic and business challenges that lie before you. Being part of a trusted community helps you keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening while optimizing the ways you tackle the opportunities and difficulties in your path.