Twitch and Other Platforms: Time for a Live Learning Agenda?

While the Twitch platform started out as a digital space for video gamers to share footage of themselves playing various games, today it has evolved into a rich community that brands can leverage for themselves. Twitch and other platforms that are quickly emerging allow brands to share video footage, from hands-on tutorials to full-fledged courses targeted at their audience.

For marketers, this live learning revolution presents an important opportunity to share video content and connect with customers and prospects in a whole new way. What do marketers need to know to effectively leverage the live learning trend?

The Importance of Thinking Bigger

Live learning is a fairly new field, in which technology platforms are giving companies the capacity to engage directly with interested learners. For example, a company that sells scrapbooking supplies could offer courses on how to select the right background papers, or strategies for incorporating vintage items into a scrapbook design. A software company can offer tutorials on specific features, or get users to provide an end-to-end demo on how to unroll a specific project. As a content creator for a live learning platform, you need to incorporate three ideas into your content planning:

  • Create a strategy. Your efforts will not be successful if you just throw preexisting video content online. Instead, it is important to develop a clear calendar of specific subjects, which can lead learners and interested customers through a positive experience over time.
  • Incorporate the live features of the platform, such as allowing people to ask questions or share examples of their own work with members of the community. That interaction is what separates a live learning experience from a direct marketing channel such as YouTube.
  • Determine how you will follow up live learning events with more information. For example, you may offer discounts on products or invite participants to sign up for an exclusive newsletter that focuses on related topics.

Develop a Team of Potential Instructors

Certain people on your team may have the knowledge, interest, and personality to become regular contributors to your company’s live learning initiatives. They may appear natural on camera and love the opportunity to teach people about their passions. However, for your live learning agenda to remain sustainable and varied enough to capture people’s attention, it is important to cultivate a diverse team of potential instructors. For example, could someone with a niche expertise teach one or two very focused sessions? By bringing this level of strategy to your content planning, it is possible to create a rich agenda the market will respond to positively.

Adding live learning to your marketing mix can give your team a whole new way to interact with customers. How-to content is incredibly popular, and if you’ve been seeking an effective way to use video to speak with customers, live learning platforms are providing an easy road map for a successful campaign. Focus on delivering significant amounts of value to participants and using interactivity to foster relationships. Finally, solidify the ROI for your online learning initiatives by having a clear call to action for each session and a conversion point interested customers can jump on immediately. From growing your newsletter to more deeply engaging your customers, live learning provides an important conduit to connecting with digitally savvy buyers.

In next Friday’s Advisor, we address the question of whether your business should try to sell a course.