Tools for the CMO: 3 Must-Discover Brainstorming Tools for Growth-Focused Chief Marketing Officers

As a CMO, turning your ideas into clear marketing strategies isn’t always easy. One of these brainstorming tools could be just the ticket to paving the way to marketing greatness.

Source: HAKINMHAN / iStock / Getty

One of the smartest moves you can make as a growth-focused chief marketing officer (CMO) is to optimize your ideas for success. Being a creative marketing leader with plenty of ideas won’t build your brand. You must be able to turn your ideas into actions and then transform those actions into campaigns and strategies that will attract customers to your brand.

But how do you get all those business concepts out of your brain and convert them into your marketing workflow? One way to optimize your ideas for success is to use brainstorming tools to maximize your creative flow. If you want help converting your ideas into a clear marketing road map, here are three powerful brainstorming tools you should investigate.


Milanote is a fabulous find for CMOs who want to make the most of their creative, strategic, and marketing inspirations. Use Milanote to create visual idea boards and organize your ideas into actionable collections. Features include private and shared idea boards, tantalizing templates to make idea organization easier, and the ability to add images and links to your boards. Once you start using Milanote to organize your ideas, it’s easy to share them with your team for collaboration and feedback, eliminating delays from marketing execution.


Exobrain is another tool for growth-focused CMOs who want to capitalize on their idea-generation process. Exobrain lets you create drag-and-drop mind maps with multiple edit-ready nodes. Add custom colors to specific components within your mind maps, connect related nodes, and build detailed mind maps for everything from your marketing strategy to your investor-communications plans.


Sometimes it’s not the ideas that need help—it’s organizing and presenting them in a way audiences will understand. Pengloo helps you convert an idea into a share-ready document you can review with your employees and investors or the market. Pengloo helps you structure your ideas, focuses your attention, and reduces the time you spend chasing your ideas around in your brain. If you want to get better at sharing your marketing plans with those around you, Pengloo is a must-use tool.

Brainstorming tools can help you increase your success as a CMO. The most successful marketing leaders are the ones who can take an idea, turn it into a revenue-generating opportunity, and then share their creation with their target audience. Check out these resources for CMOs to see which ones can help you devise and drive your next campaign.