This Goal-Starting Technique Will Kickstart Your 2020

Tired of setting impossible-to-reach goals? Read this first.

Goals are obviously important. They help us decide where to focus our energy, where to spend our resources, and where to invest our time. But goal setting can feel like a bit of an art-form. You don’t want to make goals so easy that you’re hitting them out of the park every time, because you’ll never grow. And you don’t want to make goals so impossibly difficult your team never reaches them—it’s demoralizing.

Enter the Good, Better, Best Goal System.

Why Three Goals?

By creating a goal that’s your good goal (maybe just a bit above breaking even, or a goal you’d feel “good” about), you’re creating something you can likely achieve. This allows your team to feel like their hard work was worth it and that they accomplished something.

By creating a better goal, you’re setting something a bit more difficult that’s still realistic. It will help you have something to strive for. If you reach your “better” goal, you know completed your strategy well and feel as if you have growth in your business.

By creating a best goal, you have a reach-for-the-sky mentality. This is important: you don’t want limiting beliefs to get in the way of what you can achieve. You likely won’t hit your “best” goal, but it’s something to strive for so that you can land among the metaphorical stars. It helps you overcome imposter system and fraudy feelings.

So How Do We Set Them?

The first thing to is actually look backwards. What did you accomplish last launch, or last year, or last event? This can serve as your “good” goal. You should be expecting yourself to match what you did last year, at a bare minimum. Then, think of the growth you’d like to see, even if it makes you slightly nervous. That’s a good starter for your “better” goal. Your wildest dreams that you can’t even really imagine hitting, but would be phenomenal? There’s your “best” goal.

What Do These Goals Work For?

Anything you’re prioritizing in the new year can have good, better, best goals. Maybe it’s your social media following, or your sales numbers. You could focus on e-mail subscribers, trade shows attended, or webinar views. No matter what you want to improve, this goal-setting system sets you up for success. It gives you a direction to run in and goals that you can actually achieve. This time next year, you’ll be glad you took the time to set up three separate goals for each category, even if it feels like a lot of work right now.